Access Your Data in Azure Notebooks

Azure Notebooks is a hosted service for that requires no installation. It enables you to get started quickly on prototyping, data science, academic research, or learning to program Python or R. You can combine code, markdown, images, videos, graphs, all in one format.

Best of all this service is free to use, making it a great environment for:

  • Teachers who need a hassle-free Python/R environment for classes
  • Presenters who don't want attendees to spend 45 mins installing software
  • Developers and hobbyist who need a quick coding scratchpad
  • Data scientists who need a full R, Python (Anaconda) environment and don't want to spend the time installing everything.

Documentation for Azure Notebooks is found on

In addition to the notebooks in this repository, which you can also find on the Azure Notebooks samples library, there are some good external resources as well:

There are many interesting sources of data to use in notebooks. A couple of good resources are:

Note that data must be accessible to the service - ideally on Github, Dropbox, OneDrive, Azure blobs, SQLAzure, ...

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