BL40A2020 - Wireless Communication Systems

Learning outcomes: This course introduces the fundamental theories used in communication engineering. The students will be able to design/analyze simple wireless communication systems, including physical layer for analog and digital transmission (e.g. bandwidth, channel modeling, modulation, demodulation, bit-error rate, channel capacity, etc.).

Material: Madhow, Upamanyu. Introduction to Communication Systems. Cambridge University Press, 2014. (textbook).


  • W1: Introduction to communication systems (Ch.1). Review of signals and systems (Ch.2 until Sec. 2.6).
  • W2: Baseband and passband signals. Analog communication techniques (rest of Ch.2, Ch.3).
  • W3: Digital modulation (Ch. 4).
  • W4: Probability theory and random processes (Ch. 5).
  • W5: Demodulation (Ch. 6).
  • W6: Channel coding and basics of Shannon Information Theory (Ch. 7).
  • W7: Dispersive channels and MIMO (Ch. 8).
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