All Surrey students can sign into Azure with their university account. Once logged in, you can run notebooks using the "Run on Free C..." button but only for notebooks you own (i.e., not on the ones I own). So to edit and run in the cloud you need to make copies. As far as I can tell you can clone (=make a copy and put it in a folder of yours on Azure) the entire BiologicalPhysicsCourse folder, but you can't clone a single one. Once you have cloned, and have done the press yje "Run on Free C" button thing, press the double arrow button to run the whole notebook. If you have Python 3 on your machine you can download and run the notebook there. For an introduction to Jupyter notebooks see here, or simply Google "introduction jupyter python" or similar.

Once in the cloud, the advantage is that you can edit and run the notebook from anywhere on campus or at home, which may be more convenient than copying it from a uni computer to one at home.

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