AI for Good Workshop

by David M Smith (), Developer Advocate at Microsoft

Last updated: November 2, 2018

Presented at:

  • ODSC West, November 2018

This library includes three notebooks to support the workshop:

  1. The AI behind Seeing AI. Use the web-interfaces to Cognitive Services to learn about the AI services behind the "Seeing AI" app
  2. Computer Vision API with R. Use an R script to interact with the Computer Vision API and generate captions for random Wikimedia images.
  3. Custom Vision with R. An R function to classify an image as a "Hot Dog" or "Not Hot Dog", using the Custom Vision service.

These notebooks are hosted on Azure Notebooks at, where you can run them interactively. You can also download them to run them using Jupyter.

If you get stuck or just have other questions, you can contact me here:

David Smith

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