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Please use the button on the side of the screen to make your personal clone of this tutorial. Once you make your personal clone, you can change the code in your personal clone to get a deep understanding of the mechanics of X5GON APIs.

Another option would to download a copy of the ipython notebook to your local computer. The instructions on how to do this is found in the tutorial notebook. You can also use the button below the clone option to download the whole project to your local computer.

In this project, you find several learning resources that explore how to use the X5GON platform API to build AI-powered educational applications.

This is a publicly available tutorial that is shared for the develper communities interested in using the full power of the X5GON platform. As the X5GON API is built for the consumption of the general public, please be mindful about fair usage of the API.

This tutorial provides several learning resources to familiarise with using the X5GON API. As all X5GON API endpoints provide open access (without having to obtain an authentication token or preauthrorisation), anyone can use the power of Artificial Intelligence and Open Education Resources to enhance their idea !!

There are three main learning resources available in this repository.

  1. : that gives the key information about how to name your project, upload the solutions and registering the project you develop at the hackathon.
  2. : A PDF deck of presentation slides that outline the different API endpoints available via the X5GON API. It also contains useful likes such as the link to API documentation, Material Catelogue TSV file and the link to find this tutorial.
  3. : The main Azure Notebook that contains a wide variety of code example snippets showing how the X5GON API can be queried using the Python programming language.
  4. : An additional Azure Notebook that contains more code examples snippets on using the X5GON LAM API using Python Programming Language.

Happy Building!!!

  • Sahan, Walid and Victor
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