This is a small python script to capture data form Wikipedia Page to provide up-to-date view on the outbreak. This does not provide daily snapshot, however the script can be scheduled to run daily to get the daily view. This was built to just keep track of current state of the outbreak as a high level sumamrised view.

There are lot of dashboards already providing views on the outbreak. I have found some of them to be not as up to date as I would like them and for otehrs - they are not very mobile device friendly. I wanted something that gives a quick summarised view on the current state that I can check from my phone. Intension for this, use the feed from it on a web application that I can view form my phone at any time.

  1. Fields
    1. Country or territory
    2. Cases
    3. Deaths
    4. Recoveries

This gives daily level summary for UK by area, including total tested stat. This table will require some furhter tranformations depending on the usage.

This script is developed by Kabir Rab.

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